7 reasons why we love KERATIN INFUSION

We know having great hair is an attitude, but KERATIN INFUSION is a must-have for most of us!

Not only does our hair enjoy its benefits, but it is literally life-changing for us. We can forget about planning our hair washing, we can afford to sleep an extra 30 minutes in the morning, not to mention the hair we have when we leave the beach!

We confess, we are totally in love with KI, but it’s impossible not to be! This elixir is formulated with 42 natural active ingredients, including oils, butters, proteins… and achieves a 100% natural straight effect, rejuvenating and reconstructing the hair. And that’s not all! At the same time it brings softness and lasting shine to our hair. In short, it’s an explosive cocktail that you won’t want to miss out on!

Still not in love with KI? Don’t worry, after letting you in on 7 treatment secrets you will declare yourself an unconditional KERATIN INFUSION devotee.

1. It is a thermoactive treatment

This means that it is heat activated. When washing your hair at home, you just need to blow-dry it for perfect results.


2. If you don’t see it, you don’t believe it?

At the end of the treatment, your hair is always washed again and blow-dried so that the results can be evaluated in the salon. You’ll be instantly amazed by the results and won’t have to wait to wash your hair!


3.Everything we add to our formulas is as important as everything we exclude!

For this reason KI is 100% free of formaldehyde and derivatives.


4. You can repeat the treatment whenever you want!

The treatment does not damage the hair and is compatible with any type of treatment you have had previously, even with discolouration you can have KI. It’s a dream come true!


5.It’s a vegan treatment, and is vegan label certified

We do not use ingredients of animal origin and reject raw materials that have been tested on animals. We take care of your hair, but above all, we take care of the planet and animals!


6.Just perfect!

KI is compatible with pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children.


7. Once you try Keratin Infusion, there’s no going back!

But bear in mind that it is NOT a permanent straightening, but a temporary one, so its effects will diminish over time.

And our super TIP of the week is as follows:

Don’t forget to use our shampoos to prolong the effects of KERATIN INFUSION. They are formulated to activate the treatment every time you wash your hair. Dream hair for months is possible thanks to KI and good maintenance!

After reading all these secrets, are you in love with KERATIN INFUSION yet?