Basic hair beauty terminology II: Density, volume and frizz

We’ve all undoubtedly heard the terms density, volume and frizz at one time or another. And it’s a fact that they do cause confusion.

We will now explain the differences between the concepts in order to understand them better.

Density and Volume

When we talk about hair density we are referring to the amount of hair we have in our mane. Specifically, density is the amount of hair per square centimetre that we have, regardless of the space this hair occupies. 

Density is usually related to hair colour. Normally blond hair is the most dense, followed by brunette, and finally redheads tend to have the least dense hair. 

And it’s precisely when we talk about volume that we are referring to the space this hair occupies. Unlike density, volume is not related to hair colour, but rather to hair type.


In contrast to these two concepts, frizz is the manifestation of static electricity in the hair. These static charges cause the hair fibres to repel each other, resulting in messy, unruly hair.


Does Keratin Infusion reduce hair volume?

Not understanding these terms correctly, we may sometimes wonder if Keratin Infusion causes hair to lose volume. The answer is NO. KI eliminates frizz, which in people with low hair density can lead to a perceived loss of volume. That’s because frizz gives the appearance of volume without actually being volume. But what KI really does is simply tidy up unruly hair, eliminating static electricity from our hair.