Five tips for split ends

No matter how much we care for and pamper our hair, split ends are a problem that affects us all. Next, we want to share 5 key tips to help you control them. 

1.Cut hair regularly

The best way to prevent split ends is to cut damaged hair regularly. Also, although it may seem paradoxical, cutting hair regularly helps us achieve longer hair. This is because by removing the damaged part, we help our hair remain strong and not break.

2.Reduce the use of heat tools

We know it: when our hair is rebellious we have a hard time doing without heat tools. They help us keep our hair under control and we achieve a beautiful hairstyle. But the reality is that these tools severely dry out the hair and weaken it.

3.Leave-in conditioner is a must

Leave-in conditioner has become essential when it comes to avoiding split ends. South Bondi is ideal, as it not only provides extra hydration to the hair, but also provides heat protection to minimise damage from heat tools.

4.Brush or comb from bottom to top

Remember that it is very important always to brush your hair from the bottom up to avoid breaking it. In the blog you will find an article on how to brush your hair correctly that will help you do it perfectly.

5.Cotton Lust does not abandon us

With its nourishing blend, Cotton Lust quickly penetrates hair to hydrate and rejuvenate, while enhancing shine and helping to seal split ends. This way they will look much nicer.

6.Be careful with towels

After washing your hair, when removing excess water or moisture, it’s very important to avoid vigorously rubbing your hair with a towel. The ideal is to pat it dry very gently. This helps us avoid breaking hair and not generate so much frizz.