Five TIPS to recover your hair after the summer

Now that we have said goodbye to summer, it’s time to return to routine, but it seems that our hair needs a tune-up. 

Here are 5 super TIPS to recover your hair after damage caused by the sun, the sea, the beach…

Bye-bye split ends

We know it’s always important to trim ends, but after the summer we simply can’t avoid this. As much as it costs us, we have to go to the hairdresser and cut to the chase. If you want, this is the perfect time for you to take the bold step of gambling on a more radical change!

Sublime 10.31 never fails

We love the pool and the sea, but we all know that our hair doesn’t like the beach or chlorine so much. After the summer we notice that our hair is weaker and drier. That’s why Sublime 10.31 will help us to restore to our hair the softness and reconstruction it needs.

Don’t overuse heat

After all summer without using dryers, many of us return to our routine and are ready to overuse all kinds of heat tools. That’s a mistake! Remember that our hair is more sensitive now and has been more exposed, so it’s better to choose to put these tools away for a while.

If you want to show off smooth and frizz-free hair without the need for tools, the ideal is KERATIN INFUSION.

Nutrition, come to me!

Once the summer season is over, we find that our hair cries out for an extra dose of Nutrition. Take the step of applying Tasmania Mask twice a week and let it act for a minimum of 20 minutes. Your hair will thank you.

Cotton Lust to shine again

It’s normal to notice that our hair looks a bit dull after these days of sun, heat, beach and pool. That’s why Cotton Lust is going to be our best ally. It will help us give our hair extra shine and softness.