The importance of proteins in hair

Although not everyone knows the importance of proteins, the reality is that they play a very important role when it comes to showing off strong and healthy hair.

Our hair is made up of proteins called structural proteins. The best known is keratin. The main function of these proteins is to protect the hair, give it strength and provide luminosity. They also prevent it from falling out more than normal. 

We can obtain these proteins through hair treatments or through food. 

When we are protein deficient we notice that our hair loses shine, is more fragile and falls out much more. In these cases it’s very important to seek out treatments that provide us with proteins to improve the health of our hair.

But it’s also very important not to overdo it with protein supply, because an excess of proteins can have the opposite effect. 

Overuse of proteins can cause the strands to break very easily and the hair to lose elasticity and feel stiff and heavy.  

How can we know if our hair needs protein or if we’ve overused protein instead?

To identify what our hair needs, we can take a strand that has remained in a brush or that has fallen out for some reason and pull it a little at both ends

If when stretched the hair breaks automatically, this means that it needs moisturisation. 

And if when stretched, instead of breaking it stretches like an elastic and when it is released it breaks, this means that our hair urgently needs protein. Dry or brittle hair, hair that has been damaged by colouring or bleaching or hair that is falling out more and more is also hair in need of protein.

How can we provide protein to our hair?


If we want to provide an extra dose of protein to our hair we must do it through treatments such as Sublime 10.31, which help moisturise and regenerate the hair and also provide an extra dose of moisturisation and softness.