Vegan Certification

We always say that we like to take care of your hair without harming the hair of others, and that all our products are vegan. We do not test on animals, we do not use ingredients of animal origin and we reject raw materials that have been tested on animals. 

What is a vegan product?

Lately, many brands have begun to label their products as vegan, and the reality is that not all meet 100% the necessary requirements to be determined as VEGAN. 

A product is considered vegan when it does not contain animal ingredients or animal ingredients. And all stages of production and processing are also taken into account. 

At GOA ORGANICS we are committed to being transparent and honest, undergoing a certification process by an independent organisation that has verified our products as vegan.

Why did we choose to certify our products with V-Label?

The main objective when certifying our products as vegan was to help all consumers who share this concern to identify the products quickly, easily and reliably. 

The V-Label certification is an internationally recognised symbol and its criteria are unified across Europe. It is a seal of quality for all vegan and vegetarian products.

How is certification obtained?

Vegan certification is obtained through the submission of various forms and samples of the products. 

Once we provide all this information, the organization analyses everything thoroughly to verify the ingredients of each of the products we want to certify. 

If the studies are approved, the brand receives the vegan seal and obtains the license that accredits its products as vegan. 

What is the difference between a vegan certification and a cruelty -free one?

Very often, we confuse the meaning of a vegan certification and a cruelty-free certification. The main difference is that vegan does not allow ingredients of animal origin or final products tested on animals. On the other hand, the cruelty-free certification does not allow products tested on animals, but does not have any requirements as to the origin of the ingredients.

At GOA ORGANICS we like to have fun, but we are responsible. We care about meeting all the criteria so that you do not have to worry and you can wash your hair without staining your hands.